WinterBrook Farm & Fiber Mill - Processing your wool into roving!
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 WinterBrook Farm & Fiber Mill
         Located in the foothills of Western Maine
Now open for business----Catering to people wanting fiber processed into roving, the basis for spinning, hooking and braiding rugs, felting and many crafts.
    We can process wool from :
             Llama - if the guard hairs have been removed 
                 Our Davis Feurber card machine was built in 1916 and turns out some beautiful roving.  We can also blend your fibers for you, creating your own one of a kind "special blend". 
    Because we specialize in roving only-- for now-- the turn around time for your fibers is greatly shortened.
    Please call and we'll give you an estimated finishing time.       
    LOOKING for some roving to buy? ... We raise Romney, CVM Romeldale, BFL, Shetland, Finn and blends of these sheep raised here on the farm.  We have several Alpaca, and two Llama as well.  I love creating varies blends from our own herd.  Blending my fibers into beautiful roving, I have created what I like to call Luxury Roving.    All natural colors, white, black, brown, and grey.  If you're interested in what I've got on hand at present time, give me a call at 207/539-9991 or email us at:
Jim & Sally Harney    Owners and Operators
This shows some of the work put into getting the building ready to start work.
We started building in spring of 2010 after having cut the trees and milled out the dimensional lumber for the building.  Our son and friends did all of the building.  They finished up just after labor day last year.  After that my husband and son finished the inside.  This has been a wonderful project and we are thrilled to say we can begin the process of wool now.