WinterBrook Farm & Fiber Mill - Processing your wool into roving!
Processing Fiber
            WASHING ONLY:  We charge $8.00/lb. for grease weight.   We do offer washing service for wool that is not going to be carded here when we have time.  We wash llama and alpaca  lighty (it does not need as much of a scour as wool does) . Washing or rewashing merino-type wool is $10/lb.
     If you have washed the wool yourself but it is at all sticky or dirty, then we must rewash it before carding.  The rewash fee is $8.00/lb.   **    
     Please Note:  We always sort through the wool in preparation for scouring, but if your fleeces have a lot of unacceptable debris such as burrs, heavy chaff, manure tags, that we will need to clean up, we will need to charge $20/hr. for the extra time required for handling.  If the contamination is extreme, we will return the fleece at customer's expense
       PICKING & CARDING:  The charge for washing/picking and carding wool fibers is $13.50/incoming lbs.
      We can card as little as 3 lb. lots, based on the weight of the incoming  wool, but we must charge a minimum of $50 due to machine cleanup time required for all lot sizes.  Note that some mills charge for carding based on finished weight, and some charge based on raw weight.  We choose the latter because it is easiest for you to determine costs up front and it provides an incentive for you to send us well-skirted wool:  the cleaner your clip the better your deal, and the more efficient our mill will be.  A lot is the amount of fiber to be processed in one run.  If you wish to have a special fleece processed separately, you will be charged for a min. of 3 lbs.
     The charge for carding only of exotic fiber blends is $8.50/lb. because of the extra time required for picking and carding.
      Prewashed wool is $8.00/lb.
     Blending and carding  charge is $8.00/lb.

     **  We reserve the right to reject fiber if it is heavily contaminated with vegetable matter, bugs, or if for some other reason we think we will not be able to get it clean enough for effective processing. 
   Please, give us a call before you send fiber to us so we can give you an estimate on processing time.