WinterBrook Farm & Fiber Mill - Processing your wool into roving!

  On this page I'll start showing some of the projects that roving can be used for.  Right now I'm working on an Australian Locker Hooked Rug.  You can create many designs for your rug simply drawing or tracing a pattern onto the canvas.  I'm using only the natural colors that my sheep produce and going for a simple pattern of 9 alternating rectangles using two basic colors.
   The roving that I made especially for this project is naturally water resistant because I've left some of the naturally occurring lanolin in it.  If you're interested in purchasing some of this, don't forget it is also naturally resistant to dying, so you may have a difficult time putting color into it.  We do sell it for $3.50 per ounce. We have this in natural white, variegated gray, brown, and black.
   Anyway, back to the rug, you simply use the locker hook to pull roving up through the holes in a 3.5 hole/inch or a 5 hole per inch canvas and when you have 4 - 5 loops pull the hook, which has yarn or string attached, through the loop. The yarn is thus pulled through the roving to secure it in place.  You Tube has several great videos  showing the technique.   Anyone can use it to produce some really great and unique projects.  I've seen it used for rugs, horse saddle pads, hot plate pads and coasters, as well as bags and pocketbooks. It's such fun and it creates great gifts. 
     When I'm finished hooking through all of the holes, I'll wet a towel and steam press the entire rug.  This will not only set the wool into place, but it will help to even up the loops. 
    If you're interested in starting a project and need some information or help or even some of the materials to complete your project, give me a call or email me and I'll be glad to help you get started. 
Beginners class starts on Saturday, Oct. 11th.  10am to 2pm.       This class was sooo much fun.  I am now starting a new list for anyone wishing to learn this wonderful craft.  The girls helped me create simple projects to use in the next class and I can't wait to see what new projects we can come up with.
This was such a fun project!  If you want something that is very easy and yet produces a beautiful finished piece, this is the craft for you.  Try something simple or challenge yourself to something with a little more detail.  You'll really enjoy the results.
ps.  this looks square but is really rectangular.
This is nice and thick and very soft.  Wonderful on the floor or the wall.