WinterBrook Farm & Fiber Mill - Processing your wool into roving!
Open Daily:  Please call to make arrangements.
Dryer balls:  Wonderful all wool balls used in your dryer to replace dryer sheets.  They are usually effective for up to 1 year.   The natural lanolin softens your clothes as well as taking away the static electricity.  Using 3 or more also helps shorted the drying time.  $5.00 each.  Great gifts.

Natural Wool Roving:  $3.50/ounce
White, Brown, Grey
Dyed Roving:  $4.50\ounce
Various color and color blends, changes weekly.
Luxury Rovings:  $5.00/ounce
Various natural blends and colors.

We will ship your order and accept Pay Pal.


Now available: "Maine Woolen Ornament" Kits.  All the wool comes from our farm.  Kits include:  Large white dryer ball, colored and white wool, felting needle, gold ribbon and precise directions. Four different kits available.  "Sorry, images can't be loaded at present time".  Please check my facebook page to see the photo's I have of the ornaments.

We're on the left side of  Rabbit Valley Rd. 1 mile off Rt. 26 on Pigeon Hill.